Our Experts

Get to know the experts behind Studio Auctions. We engage independent third party authenticators for certain items.
James Supp

Antiques Roadshow
James Supp, frequently seen on the popular PBS television series Antiques Roadshow, is an expert in authenticating props and costumes and is also a fine arts and antiques appraiser via his company, Coronado Trading Co. James has also provided appraisals and expert witness testimony at the State and Federal level.

James has acted as a consultant and broker to national and international auction houses.

As a private broker, James uses his national and international network of resources to find the best venues for his clients who are selling or buying fine art, antiques, jewelry, or memorabilia.

Marc Wanamaker

Bison Archives
Marc Wanamaker is a renowned expert and consultant in film history who has worked in many facets of film production, exhibition, and research for several decades. Through his company, Bison Archives, he consults for motion picture and television productions, auction houses (providing authentication services), museums (including the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences), libraries, and other media and historical societies and institutions worldwide. He has advised on more than 100 films and has worked with leading directors including Steven Spielberg and Quentin Tarantino on his film “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”. He is a published historian, lecturer, and teacher who taught film history at UCLA. Marc assisted in forming the American Film Institute facilities, the Los Angeles International Film Exposition and The American Cinematheque.

Mike Moore head shot

HMS Creative Productions Inc.
Mike Moore has worked in the film and entertainment industry for well over 40 years, specializing in prop fabrication and Product development prototyping. He is undoubtedly one of the world’s premiere experts and is highly sought after by auction houses and collectors for his unique expertise. Mike has worked on multiple blockbusters including the Star Trek Franchise, and The Hobbit Trilogy, as well as cult classics such as Beetlejuice,  Gremlins 2, and Re-Animator.
While  working on many mainstream shows that have had no science fiction  themes, SciFi/Fantasy-based shows are his favorite genre to work on to this day. Mike started working on “Star Trek The Next Generation” about half-way  through the first season.

From that point on, he has worked on all of the different incarnations of Star Trek. For some seasons it was a large majority of the props but in other cases it was a few pieces here and there. I have worked with many amazing people throughout the years, from artists to producers. Star Trek continues to be a big part of his life, whether it be working on the  current incarnation of the show or working with a licensee on new “Star Trek” product. His Prop Shop is HMS Creative Productions Inc. and he runs with a group of extremely talented artists.